Photo: Heather Payne

Photo: Heather Payne

Deedie Springer

I'm a southern girl who grew up loving flowers, and couldn't wait to pick my grandmother's first peony as it bloomed, which,... was actually the same to her, as picking the forbidden fruit.   I was not actually going to get to pick that bloom...or touch it. But that, is where my love for flowers began.

I also, love art, and have a Fine Arts degree from Western Carolina, (where I met my husband) focussing in painting and ceramics.  And, after a 10 year journey of soul searching, it lead me to flowers, and I've never looked back.  

Thank you for taking the time to read and find out a little about me. I can't wait to find out about you!! Go to the "contact" page, and let's set up a time to discuss your wedding flowers!!! 

Deedie currently resides in Iron Station, NC (right outside of Charlotte), with her husband and three children. 
Her flower arrangements are inspired by nature, and how beautiful they look in their natural habitat. She is able to use the elements and principles of design, gathered from her background in art, to recreate this look in her floral arrangements.  
She is passionate about her clients staying true to themselves and choosing flowers, style, and designs that represent who they are.  


All of our weddings are unique to each of our clients, therefore, no pricing is the same.  Our weddings start at a minimum budget of $3,500, for events local to the western NC mountains or Charlotte areas. Please feel free to contact us for more information!